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November 04, 2011


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I will be posting my newsletter once a week until the Countdown end. Our last post will be December 9th as one of our talented artists is going away. I think we will have to come up with a new version in the new year so we don't have to wait till the Christmas season. Countdown to Spring??? Just a thought. I can hear the groans already.Now here is the next project.Simple, easy and fast. Just what we need this time of year. Get those colors out and create your own!!!!

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She's so beautiful and those dresses look lovely. Very nice pictures :)

-Sally Mars

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they plan to win! More than a dozen Democrats who lost by thin margins in 2010 are looking for a rematch. They know that 2010 was lightning in a bottle for the Tea Party and the Republicans - and they will never repeat that again. The Tea Party failure, the Republican impotence, has been on display for a year.

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Today, Bryant is accompanied by age and injury problems, troubles, these two factors led to the "Flying Man" is no longer able to maintain its super-explosive, it is no longer the once unstoppable player.

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Today, Brown is still the pick and roll tactics focus primarily tactical: how, where players can be arranged to best position, how to arrange shooter beyond the arc and elsewhere and so on.

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At the risk of offering an opinion that is only that — my opinion — this is a really stupid photograph. (How many times does this composition appear in the photo albums of our grandparents all over America?) What is it about so many photographers today that they make these kinds of banal, uninteresting, uninspiring, meaningless photographs — and then price them at $1,200 - $2,400? Seriously, do any of you reading this know anyone that would pay anything for this photograph?


AAA So cool. What else can I say.Thanks once again for the great tunes.

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AAA Don’t stop blogging! It’s nice to read a sane commentary for once.

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AAA Love this movie as well as the serial. Really funny, thanks for sharing it with us.





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Success" means "a happy family" and second "a great career" for the mouse generation, the study showed.



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I think this Style Star: Kerry Washington is the real star of the fashion jone. i think it can be a great history.

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