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April 13, 2009



I just thought I should share this with you guys..

I found this really cool site that makes sure that no one else has the same prom dress as you. Go to http://www.dressregistry.com It's sooo awesome, and I swear they have like every prom in the enitre country!!!!

I just dress shopping this weekend because prom is in a month!!!! :) :) :) Omg, I can't wait!!
I totally registered my dress as soon as I got it! It's sooo cute! You should too!!

Ahh, I'm soo excited for prom!!! :D

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Awesome. My sister was just freaking out cause she's worried that someone would have the same dress as hers. Lols, she even thinks that a table cloth would be the same fabric as her dress. Thanks for site.

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Great selection, i love the Trixxy. I live in the UK though so i probably wouldnt be able to pick one up! - Oh well, just have to make do.......

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