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March 06, 2008



i have this cousin. During chinese new year, she visited my house, also at the same time, everyone is gathering together; she wore a white dress with pink huge flowers patterns. On top of it, there is a pink scarf.

Than i saw my other cousins gossiping about her. so i ask my cousins what is happening on, they said that she looks so old. although she is just 18, she looks like 25 plus!

However, my uncles said that she looks good. But my mom(which is more fashionable than me), told me that she look old.

we did not tell her what we thought as we told her once. what how can we to change her mindset unconsciously??

Miss Angel

Fashion is a form of expression, and it's as unique as the individual wearing it. I applaud your cousin for embracing her own sense of style, however I do understand your concern for her (especially since she's being gossiped about behind her back). You said that you tried telling her, but sometimes people respond much better when you show them. For example, invite your cousin on a shopping trip with you and your fashionable mom. While you're out, suggest things that you think would look good on her. You can also try buying her more updated clothes for her birthday and holidays, or get her gift cards to trendier stores.

Whatever you do, don't pressure your cousin about it. If she's comfortable in her clothes and feels confident, that should really be all that matters, shouldn't it?

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