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February 20, 2008



My prom is coming up really qucikly and there was this super fab-u-less dress that I seen on the OLD promadvice website. It was a mini dress by Jessica McClintock under Frill Seeker and was the first swatch. Sadly the website was changed before I could get the style number to order the dress. If there is some possible way that you still have the style number for the dress it would make my SENIOR PROM, my last high school prom. To briefly descibe the dress it was short, and an odd color green the site had entitled it "Marine Layers". Even if this is not posted please still respond to my e-mail address. Please and Thank you.


i just get my temp student job as a receptionist in company. i heard from the human resouce department, they told me that i have to wear formal on monday to thursday, and casual on friday. But i do not want to look too old in a formal attire as i have tried it on for many times, although im just 18. And what is the causal attire for work?


i have this cousin, that day during the chinese new year, she came my house n wore this dress with a scarf over her. But when my other cousins saw what she is wearing, they gossip about her. What i found out from them is that they feel that the dress does not match her age at all. Although, she is just 18, she looks like 25 plus!

all my uncles says that she looks nice, but we cousins that near her age feel that it does not suits her and the age.

however, we does not tell her what we think as we told her once but she never change her mindset about fashion. what can we do in order to change her mindset unconsciously??


Italy - The dress is still available on the Jessica McClintock website (WOOHOO!!!). The style number is 32014 and the color on our site was Emerald, but it comes in tons of other colors too. Have an awesome Prom! Send us pictures!!!!


Kivicky - Congrats on your new job! Here are some ideas for your new work wardrobe:

Monday through Thursday - Trousers are always appropriate -black, brown, or grey - avoid other colors unless you see your new co-workers wearing them. Make sure the pants are not too tight and that they are properly hemmed. Trousers for women are making a huge comeback this season (lucky you!) so I'm sure you'll be able to find some. Also, stick with these same colors if you wear a skirt, and make sure the skirt hits at or just below the knee (nothing too long or short). Denim is absolutely out Monday through Thursday. You may want to pick up a blazer too (cropped is so chic!) Friday - Khakis are great for casual Fridays, and you can check with Human Resources to see if jeans are acceptable. You'll still want to stick with a nicer shirt (no tees or tanks). It's a good idea to get a look at what other people are wearing - they've been there for sometime and know exactly what works best for that environment. And of course, it's a good idea to have Human Resources give you an additional list of what's acceptable and what's not, as every office is different. What works at one office may not fly at another.

Good luck and don't forget to write back and let us know how the new job is going!

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